As you are all aware we have re-commenced contract negotiations with MSG. The purpose of this email is to notify you we have been able to reach a new tentative agreement with Madison Square Garden.

We will be holding a shop meeting at the IBEW Local 1212 Union Office this Thursday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. The Union Office is located at 225 West 34th street, 11th floor, suite 1120.

At that meeting we will distribute copies of the new MOU and provide you with information regarding the ratification vote. A lot of the terms of the MOU will look familiar, however, through the efforts of the committee we were finally able to achieve a tremendous break through for away feed freelancers.

After much negotiating, the Company finally agreed to compensate away feed freelancers under Article 44 of the CBA. Per diem rates will no longer be tied to the rate cards and away feed members will receive the annual contract increases.

We were able to achieve this while also preserving some medical benefit for all of our freelance members. However, as there was some give and take in the process, and the Company was reluctant to move away from the rate cards, we agreed that MSG will contribute to the flex plan at the rate of $2.00 an hour. The annual wage increases will apply to this rate as well.

We believe the change to Article 44 and the addition of a flex plan contribution are major changes that benefit the freelance community. We plan to continue to seek to improve these benefits in the future and seek additional benefits for all freelancers. However, these are significant changes to our agreement that should not be overlooked.

The a Union office and your negotiating committee fully support this agreement recommend that the shop ratifies it accordingly.