Benefits of a Union:

1. Organize: You have the right to organize and/or join a union according to U.S. Federal law. Members attend the local’s meetings where discussion and decisions are made concerning wages & working conditions. You have a vote, a voice, representation and a means of effecting your work environment.

2. Benefits: Members qualify for healthcare, pension, annuity fund or vacation fund. The extent of an individual member’s coverage is based on the amount of work performed on union jobs. IATSE is also actively involved in Union Plus which offers additional benefits.

Employee Rights:

1. To organize a union and bargain collevtively with our employer over wages, benefits and working conditions.
2. To attend union meetings to discuss forming a union.
3. To discuss the union during work, at times when we are permitted to discuss other non-work issues.
4. To wear union button or stickers at work.
5. To read and distribue union literature (in non-work areas during non-working times)
6. To sign a union card – signing a union card is an imprtant first step in securing representation.