Frequently asked questions


How much are the dues & membership fees?

Local dues are 2% of your gross daily wages; International dues in 2022 are $58 along with a $10 local for $68 per quarter.

How often do I have to pay the dues?

Once every quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1 & October 1). Payments are also accepted every six months or once per year. Payable to: IATSE 793.

Does the union set the rates that the company will pay me?

Our union contracts sets minimum rates. A higher rate can be negotiated by each individual with employer directly.


Where do I send my international dues and 2% local dues?


Mail to:   IATSE 793, PO Box 94282, Seattle, WA 98124; C/O Secretary/Treasurer


Are the 2% local dues different than my quarterly international dues?

Yes. Our constitution requires anyone working under our contract to contribute 2% of their daily wage to local 793. This may be paid quarterly or via direct withdrawal. Every person working under the contract must be current on their 2% contribution, or their name will be removed from the referral list.


What other terms are included in the contract?

The contract covers other things like holiday pay, travel pay, double-headers, short turnaround, meal penalties, cancellation procedures, job duties within each craft, and grievance procedures.


Can I still work non-union shows?


How many events can I work before I am required to join the union?

30 events in a 2 (calendar) year period. 


Is there an initiation fee required to join the union?

Yes, $300: $200 to join the local and a $100 processing fee to the International; This fee includes your $68 initial quarterly dues payment.

How does the referral list work?

The referral list is maintained by the union and provided to the employer and represents qualified individuals within each craft. The employer must first hire from the referral list. Members in good standing are on the referral list. 


What training is available?

The local will evaluate any request to pay for training that a member requests.  Members also receive access to LinkedIn Learning  courses via the I.A.T.S.E. Training Trust free of charge.


What are the 2% local dues used for?

Our President, Business Agent, and Treasurer are paid a stipend per month as well as having their dues covered. The Vice President does not receive a stipend but does have annual dues paid for. 


Does the union protect me from an employer cutting positions?

No, the contract does not prevent employers from modifying their shows by reducing the number of positions. Our contracts require the employer to notify the union at least 30 days prior to any such changes with an opportunity for discussion.


If someone is listed in just one craft can they work in other positions?

If they are qualified to do so, we have members working in multiple crafts.


How does someone get listed in more than one craft/position?

Email the Business Agent, at /

What are the differences between Full Membership and Referent?

Full Member – ability to attend monthly membership meetings, participate in contract negotiations, ratify agreements and vote for officers.

Referent – Access to the Local 793 referral list sent to our employers.